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Summer Time (Korean cat III movie)

Summer Time

Release Date : 2001
Director : Park Jae Ho
Writer: Lee Jeong Hak
Gerne: Cat III, Erotic, Adult
Jae-ho Park (director) / Jeong-hak Lee (screenplay)
CAST: Ji-hyeon Kim …. Hie-ran
Cheol-ho Choi …. Tae-yeol
Su-yeong Ryu …. Sang-ho
Wok-suk Song …. Ki-wok
Jeong-yun Bae …. Young-mi

Movie review:
Sang-ho happens to peep through a hole in a worn wooden house and watch a married couple as they engage in sex. Without knowing it, he gets excited and as a consequence he starts to masturbate. At first, he feels guilty and ashamed, but the young man grows more and more addicted to watching them in secret. Then, seizing a moment when the husband is not home, Sang-ho goes downstairs. Imitating the husband's manner of foreplay even down to the sequence, the young man has sex with the wife. The film, Summer Time, depicts the secret desire of humans so realistically and honestly that it makes you quiver.

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Summer Time (Korean cat III movie) Part 03
Summer Time (Korean cat III movie) Part 04
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