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Spirit of Love - 愛的精靈 (1993)

Spirit of Love - Loletta Lee (1993)

Year :1993
Runtime :100 minute
Language Cantonese
Category III(Hong Kong)
Present Golden Harvest (HK) Film-Type Feature Film
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Erotic movie
Rating: Cat III (Hong Kong)
Director: Jamie Luk Kim-Ming
Producer: Chua Lam

Loletta Lee plays a model who, judging by her lavish home, is making a fortune doing TV commercials. When her boyfriend/boss comes over and tries to get romantic, Loletta begins seeing weird and scary visions. Visions of blood flooding her floor, and a three year old boy ghost. It seems that, three years earlier, she was pregnant and caught her husband (Poon Chan Wai) athletically knocking off a blonde. Husband kicked her down the stairs, which causes her to abort. The ghost is evidently the aborted baby grown up. Back to the present day, hubby has teamed up with a new girl (Joanna Chan), and is trying to get back into the house and kidnap the boy ghost.

Hong Kong Cat III movie Spirit of Love - 愛的精靈 (1993)


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