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0 Eoudong 1985

Eoudong 1985

Title: Eoudong
AKA: Er Woo Dong: The Entertainer
Country: Korea
Year: 1985
Director: Lee Chang-Ho
Cast: Lee Bo-Hee, Ahn Sung-Kee, Park Won-Suk
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 01:55:21
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English srt

During the Chosun dynasty, the strict laws of Confucianism permeated an already male-dominant society. Eo Wu-Dong was born into a respectful, aristocratic family, but when she falls in love with a man of obscure birth, society tears them apart. Enraged by the rules of the aristocracy, Wu-Dong runs away, planning to take her own life if she cannot be with the man she loves. However a woman named Hyang-Ji intervenes, leading Wu-Dong to choose a different path. She becomes a courtesan and sets out to make the aristocrats her slaves, by using the only weapon she has - her body.

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0 Dream Affection 2011 - Korean Cat III

Dream Affection 2011

Movie: Dream Affection
Revised romanization: Mong-jeong-ae
Hangul: 몽정애
Genre: Drama, Erotic
Director: Lee Soong-hwan
Cast: Jeong Seong-hoon, Yoo Ok-joo
Release Date: 2011/05/03
Runtime: 68 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: none

One day she faintly appears in Min-woo’s dream. Min-woo has no way to find out who the girl he had intercourse with in his dream is and he doesn’t have the breadth of mind to. Min-woo’s life goes by dryly and his wife Yeon-joo becomes colder and conflicts with her get deeper. Trying to avoid these situations Min-woo tries hard to tune in with Yeon-joo and write down his resume. Da-eun is a close friend of the couple since university. She sees Yeon-joo heading for somewhere with another man that’s not Min-woo accidentally. Da-eun stands by Min-woo and holds his hand because he looks so lonely standing in the middle of conflict with his wife and he tries to act like nothing's wrong. They end up having a dreamlike one night. The love they shared in his dream is now facing them.

Dream Affection 2011 P1
Dream Affection 2011 P2
Dream Affection 2011 P3
Dream Affection 2011 P4
Dream Affection 2011 P5
Dream Affection 2011 P6
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0 Korean Cat III Desire (2002)

Desire (2002)

Directed by: Kim Eung-soo
Cast: Lee Dong-gyoo, Choi Ban-ya, Jang So-yeon

Plot : A pair of partner-swapping lovers finds their romantic games leading to tragedy when jealousy begins to factor into their free-love lifestyle in this erotic drama from Korean filmmaker Eung-Su Kim.

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0 Come Come Come Upward 1989

Come Come Come Upward 1989

IMDB: Come Come Come Upward
AKA:................... Aje aje bara aje
Year:.................. 1989
Directed:.............. Kwon-taek Im
Genre:................. Drama
Runtime:............... 2h 0mn
Country:............... South Korea
Language:.............. Korean
Subtitles:............. English(.srt)

Cast: Kang Su-Yeon || Jin Yeong-Mi || Yu In-Chon (Yoo In-Chon)

Synopsis / PlotAfter her father dies, female high school student leaves her mother to become a nun in a Buddhist monastery. But she is soon expelled and works briefly as a hospital nurse before realizing that she is ready to embrace the monastery's beliefs.




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0 Changing My Lovely Partner (2003)

Changing My Lovely Partner (2003)

Year: 2003
Directed: Siu Chung
Genre: Erotica
Runtime 1:234:21
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese / mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese
Cast: Sophie Ngan Chin-Man , Robert Mak Tak-Law , Matthew Ng Ting , Lau Sin , Chan Chung-Wai , Le Rong-Rong

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0 Children At War 2009

Children At War 2009

Also Known As:
Sai Gaai Han Ho Ngoh Moon Han Jo (Cantonese Title)
Shi Jie Hen Hao Wo Men Hen Zao (Mandarin Title)

Year: 2009
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Choi King-Man
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 85 min
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
IMDB: http://N/A
Theatrical Release Date: 08/12/2009

Cast: Jam Chen, Jessie Yeung, Lai Kit Fat, Dennis Yeung

Synopsis/ Plot
The story takes place in 1995, 15-year-old twin brother and sister's Army and Jun, compared to Mo Yu, strive to live happy lives. Couple's intimate relationship and slowly evolved into a near-love ambiguity. One quiet afternoon, the brothers and sisters sensual temptations gives way and results in a incestual relatioship. Their father was informed and was furious strove to separate the brothers and sisters ...
In 2005, two siblings met two of the wounds of the past, became a lifetime mark, the two decided to use extraordinary measures, retaliation, against their father, in order to wash away their traumatic past.

Children At War 2009 P1
Children At War 2009 P2
Children At War 2009 P3
Children At War 2009 P4
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0 Cat III China Girls (1993)

China Girls (1993)

AKA: China Girls | Happy 90 days 1993 中港儷人 | 狂情90天 | 公关小姐
Country: Hong Kong
Released Date: 1993
Language: Cantonese and Mandarin (Dual Sound)
Subtitles: English | Chinese
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: MKV | 700M
Director : Richard Yeung Kuen
Cast: Patrick Keung Hiu Man, Fan Oi Git, Tong Chit, Lui Ting On,...

Plot: Four beautiful girls from Northern China make their mark in Hong Kong with the help of a sleazy pimp nicknamed ""Whore Worm""...

Cat III China Girls (1993) Part 1
Cat III China Girls (1993) Part 2
Cat III China Girls (1993) Part 3
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0 HK Cat III Chinese Erotic Movies 2002

Chinese Erotic Movies

Year: 2002
Genre: Erotica / Documentary
Runtime 1:21:04
Country: Hong Kong:
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese

Cast: Amy Yip || Chik King Man || Chow Wang || Pauline Chan
Plot: A compilation of sexy clips featuring beautiful unclad women

Get the fire hose ready, you'll need to cool yourself down after (or maybe during) your viewing of this compilation of hot scenes from Hong Kong's most adult titles.
This is a documentary featuring traditional Chinese sexual positions and techniques, as demonstrated by the attractive couples from several of Hong Kong's most erotic films.
Very informative, and easy on the eyes!

HK Cat III Chinese Erotic Movies Part 1
HK Cat III Chinese Erotic Movies Part 2
HK Cat III Chinese Erotic Movies Part 3
HK Cat III Chinese Erotic Movies Part 4
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0 Color Blossoms 2004 - Hong Kong Cat III

Color Blossoms 2004 - Hong Kong Cat III

Year:................. : 2004
Directed:.............: Yeung Fan
Genre:................: Drama
Runtime..............: 103 mins
Country:..............: Hong Kong
Language:...........: Cantonese
Subtitles:............: English / Chinese
Cast:..................: Teresa Cheung .... Mei li
Ri-su Ha .... Riko Umeki (as Harisu)
Keiko Matsuzaka .... Madam Umeki
Carl Wu .... 4708

Synopsis / Plot / Review

One day, property agent Meili (Teresa Cheung) has two strange encounters; Madam Umeki (Matsuzaka eiko), a mysterious Japanese high society lady who asks her to lease out a luxurious abandoned apartment on her behalf. On this fateful day, she also discovers the man of her dreams, policeman 4708 (Carl Ng). While Meili takes potential tenants to the apartment, she meets a young photographer, Kim (Sho). Whom she cannot help but fall in love with. Later, Meili is astonished to discover Kim was the ex-lover of the young Madam Umeki (Harisu). The complex relationship between the color blossoms develops to be even more intriguing....

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0 Cat III Comfort Woman 1992

Comfort Woman 1992

Year: 1992
Directed: Bruce Le
Genre: Adult / War
Runtime 1:27:18
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin / Cantonese
Subtitles: English / Chinese

Lily Lee Lee-Lee
Bruce Le
Kawashima Rena
Cheng Leung-On
Gam Chung-Yat
Yuen Man
Tong Yuen-Gwan
Chui Gam-Gei
Chiu Yat-Dan
Gwok Hoh Kei

Tomi Akiyama and her boyfriend Nakamura are troubled about allegations about a Comfort House in China. Tomi gets into the camp, first as a journalist, but is then captured and sent in as a participant. Nakamura is upset by this particular event, and the situation in general, and takes action. The progress of several other characters is followed, including a kind-of happy hooker, a jovial chubby Japanese woman and a brutal and rude general, laced with stock war footage and historical inter-titles.

Cat III Comfort Woman 1992 Part 1
Cat III Comfort Woman 1992 Part 2
Cat III Comfort Woman 1992 Part 3
Cat III Comfort Woman 1992 Part 4
Cat III Comfort Woman 1992 Part 5
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